Platypus Revenge is a free improvisational psycho-spiritual experience based in NYC.  

Originally a sci-fi band started by Demian Richardson, David Moss and Rev John Henry Maiorino in June 2014. Regular members also include Ethan Dante Bello, Lorin Roser, Charly Couture, Ayumi Ishito and Steven Bartashev among others.  PR has performed live on the radio on WKCR as well as given multi-media concerts in venues such as Spectrum in Manhattan's LES.  The band eventually evolved into a loose collective of musicians who improvise alternate soundtracks to visually interesting and psycho-spiritually stimulating movies that are projected at our bi-weekly sessions.  There is a catalogue of over 100 soundtracks, a number of shorts and a multitude of sessions that were not played to any organized visual stimulus.  Audio from sessions are posted here with the dates that they were recorded (or as close to the actual date as can be deciphered from spotty record keeping) for your listening and downloading pleasure.  If you are so inclined to obtain the movie, simply mute it and play these soundtracks for a wild experience. Check back regularly as we will be constantly adding new sessions! 

Pure Blue Album RGB.jpg

photos of session by David Boccio