Rev. John Henry Maiorino CMP is a multi-instrumentalist devoted to investigating the inextricable links between music, sound, story, and nature with the human condition, visual vibrations and healing modalities. This has led him to the exploration of a wide span of idioms and sounds, informing his work as a performer, composer and teacher. 

John has collaborated with such groups as the Daniel Carter Band, the Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble under the direction of Composer Raphael Mostel, and Sally and the Beat-a Brooklyn based rock band. He is a prolific composer and solo performer, currently a member of Platypus Revenge, a collective of improvisational and experimental musicians, pIRATE hAT and is the bass player for the BEasy Band. 

Has worked as a NYC public school teacher, and as a teaching partner with The Academy (a program of Carnegie Hall, The Julliard School, and the Weill Music Institute in partnership with the NYC Department of Education). In addition to standard music education, he has structured innovative programs to introduce improvisational and electronic music techniques spurring children on to be bold in their creative endeavors. 

He holds a BFA from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music at New School University, is ordained by the Universal Life Church and is a Certified Music Practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transition Program of therapeutic music. He is also an avid juggler.